Wow, there is a lot of madness in the world. People are so busy they don’t have time to stop and think.  It’s so much easier just to get outraged and cling to righteous indignation.  Please people, slow down, think.

I posted some pictures of a shelter in KY that wants to make a change, that wants to learn how to SAVE LIVES.  I emailed them to a very few, trusted rescue groups.  And then…despite all efforts, it went viral.  And the hatred started spewing forth.

If you want to be angry, be angry at the society or culture that thinks animals are disposable or not worthy or deserving of compassion and care.  Be angry at the lack of understanding about spay and neuter and the lack of access to affordable spay and neuter in many parts of the country.  And then take that anger and do something useful with it. Effect a change.  Volunteer with a low cost spay neuter clinic, foster a dog or cat, drive a transport, do something useful.  Hateful emails and phone calls are not useful or productive.  And they make me less useful and productive too.  I can spend my time saving lives or I can spend it dealing with your anger.  You choose.

So, if you received the private email I sent out and crossposted please, for the love of God, take the email down or at least any identifying information!  It was a private no forward, no crosspost email.   Our purpose in posting these pictures was to show people the animals currently in need, in the hopes of lining up reputable rescues to take as many dogs as possible. Please let me get back to that work.

While the conditions at this shelter are far from ideal, the good news is that changes are already taking place. After a history in this county of not being rescue friendly, there is new management and they are actively seeking assistance to make things better. Currently the shelter and everyone involved are doing everything in their power to improve conditions and get as many animals into rescue as quickly as possible. And, of course, us being trusted enough to come in and take pictures is an important part of that and we would hate for that to create a negative backlash against the shelter when they are already cooperating fully.

I don’t know how familiar folks are with the sad state of animal welfare in Kentucky, but resources in this state Kentucky are severely limited and local rescues are already stretched to capacity. Our best option is moving animals out of state but of course those openings are limited too and there are always logistical and financial constraints (renting cargovans, getting animals vetted and health certified etc.). All the changes needed will take time, but we are working overtime to get there as fast as we can because we know the animals are depending on us.

All of the moms and pups have rescue except the black dog that can’t be handled and the pittie mom & pups.  The PG dog has rescue.  Many of the other dogs do too.  As many as we can safely and humanely transport will be on board – we have enough rescue commitments for that.  We will be working on how to move forward with helping this shelter.

As we are able to get a plan in place we’ll be updating and letting folks know how to HELP.  For now, as the Dali Llama said, “if you cannot help them, please do them no harm”.  Let the shelter come into the light.  Let them be guided toward life saving.  Give these dogs a chance.

Thanks again to all those wanting to help.  There have been some awesome emails too!  Thanks to those who do have an understanding and please, help spread the word to those who don’t yet.  Everyone means well, I know they do.  We wouldn’t be doing what we do and you wouldn’t be reading this otherwise!

Take good care folks & keep the faith,



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Last Modified: October 28, 2013

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