This morning as I left the house I selected a pretty plush new bed in dusty rose and cream and one of my favorite puppy blankets.  The blanket is warm and soft in bright colors and was handmade with much love by a Safe Hands supporter.  As I choose these items specially for Cordelia I thought, today, maybe for the first time, Cordelia will be loved.

Cordelia came from one of those situations we hear about all too much these days – a case of way too many dogs living in inappropriate conditions.  Like many such cases, this is one where good intentions went awry and one dog led to another led to 70 small breed dogs living in one home with one couple.  But that was behind her now.  Cordelia was on her way to a new life.  I was picking her up after work and she would become our newest Safe Hand’s kid. 

Finally the time arrived for Cordelia and I to meet.  I took the skinny, shaking dog, wrapped her in the blanket and carried her away.  As we drove home together I spoke gently and told her that it was going to be OK now.  I told her that I knew it was all scary right now.  I told her that although she didn’t know it yet, her whole world just changed.  I told her that it all starts over today.  I told her that starting today, she is loved.

Like most dogs that come from these circumstances Cordelia has some residual emotional baggage.  Cordelia will need lots of encouragement and love to leave that behind.  Today though, Cordelia begins to heal.  Starting today, Cordelia is loved.

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