It worked.  Your thoughts, well wishes, healing energy and prayers worked.  The fortitude and inner strength of one little boy is nothing short of miraculous. I have no other way to explain it. Just under two weeks ago he arrived at the emergency/24 hour care clinic, nearly gone.  His temperature barely registered and his heartbeat was very slow.  I was empathetically encouraged to let him go.  It was not wrong of the good doctor to make the recommendation given his condition.  It would take a miracle to save Rory. The thing is we’ve seen miracles before. We’ve had dogs survive insurmountable odds.  We’ve heard “impossible” and then watched the dogs say, “I will do this anyway”.  Minnie.  Angeline. Boone.  Elias.  True.  Watson. Raspberry.

So when I hear “very little chance”, what I hear is “CHANCE”.  If there is a chance, I want to take it.

I asked if we could try warming Rory, putting him in the oxygen tent, giving him some IV fluids and seeing what the next 12 hours would bring.  Twelve hours.  Let’s give him twelve hours and see if there is fight left in this boy.  I wanted him to have the CHANCE that life so far had denied him.  A chance to have the right people on his side.  A chance to have people who loved and cared about him.  A chance to have all that modern medicine could offer to heal his hurt.

In the morning his temperature was up.  His heartbeat a little stronger.  It wasn’t much but it was something and we’d take it.  Rory was still fighting and we were going to fight alongside and for him. The days that followed were hard ones. Holding steady, holding steady, a down day, an up day, another down day.  Every day it was an agonizing decision to make on behalf of our little guy. What did he want?  Did he want to keep going?  Did he want us to let him go peacefully?  Was he wanting to fight?  Was he longing to be done?  We had “the” conversation several times.  What do we do?  What does Rory want?

Through it all I questioned each decision.  I anguished each time I had to make the call.  I did not want him to suffer more if all hope was lost.  I did not want to let him go before I was sure it was. Test after test yielded no answers. How do you find the remedy when you can’t find the ailment?  At the end of each day though, my gut said, “not today, today is not the day hope ends.”

His doctors have all be so very kind.  I know each and every one of them has gone above and beyond and done absolutely everything they can for him.  I’ve heard what a special boy he is and I can hear that he has captivated them too.  So when I heard that letting him go, “would not be the wrong decision” I knew it was said with kindness and love.  It still didn’t feel like it was the “right decision” either.  Bless them for being compassionate, for being gentle and gracious in discussing the options and for going all in whenever I said, “let’s see what tomorrow brings.” They are everything you want on your side.

Six days ago I asked everyone to rally in whatever way they could to support Rory.  We were at a point of critical mass…the only question is which way the ball would roll.  Six days ago Rory rallied and he has not looked back.  Every day is a little better than the last.

Rory Eye

There has been no more “holding steady” and no more “down days”. There have just been tiny miracles to celebrate each day.  Little achievements that together add up to something big.  Rory is off of IV fluids and medications.  He is eating, drinking and taking all oral medications.  His congestion is all but gone.  He’s still tired and weak.  He has a lot of healing yet to do.  But each day he’s a little brighter and his tail wags a little more. I don’t want to jinx it..but I believe Rory is going to be OK.

We do want to keep him at the hospital another two weeks.  The amazing team there will keep him at a reduced medical boarding rate so he can stay and be watched round the clock.  The funds we have raised so far have just covered his medical bill to date. We need $500 to cover his next two week stay.  I know we’ve asked a lot.  If you can help sustain Rory’s rally we are grateful.  Thank you for believing in Rory.

Today is a good day.  Today hope reigns supreme.

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Last Modified: February 22, 2015

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