Watching Miles sleep I am overcome with a feeling of profound gratitude.  I have known Miles for exactly seven days.  I have known of his existence for exactly eight.  I love him fiercely and I am profoundly grateful that he is here, sleeping soundly, safe and warm.

I find myself feeling profoundly grateful that what I have is “enough”.  What I have is not “a lot”.  I am not wealthy, my house is not big and my material possessions are few and simple. I do not have a lot of time, no more than anyone.  There are days all I see are my floors that need refinishing, my walls that need painting and the repairs waiting to be made.

I do have enough.  I have enough to have these walls around us, sturdy and solid.  I have enough that my home is cozy and comfortable, our bellies are full.  I have enough that right now, when he needs it most, Miles can have some room in my home and in my heart.  I have enough that I will find the moments in my life into which another life will fit.

Tonight I am feeling profoundly grateful that when Miles’ whole world fell apart, I could be the one to break his fall.  He is magic and wonder, wide eyed and whimsical, he is an imp and a sprite full of joy and love and sweet puppy kisses.  Miles is innocence.

I do not have a lot but I have enough and because I choose to share it, tonight so does Miles.  Watching Miles sleep, it does not get better than that. I am the lucky one.

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Last Modified: March 29, 2015

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