I can’t say enough how much we love to get updates on our “kids”.  It makes our day, bring sunshine when there is gray, it reminds us why we do what we do, it makes it easier to give up the next kid (although the giving up is never “easy”).  I had a great experience this month with my foster puppy who we simply called The Princess, as that is what she is!  The Princess was just a few weeks old when she arrived at my house with her mom and siblings.  As I cared for her and watched her grow she just reminded me so much of another pipsqueak that I helped Momma Taschio raise, her baby Irene.  I couldn’t get Irene out of my mind and I emailed her new family to say hi and sent them pictures of The Princess telling them that I just couldn’t stop thinking about Irene so wanted to send a note.  Was I surprised to get a very excited email back very quickly.  They had been thinking about getting a sibling for Irene, now Lilia.  They were waiting for the right pup to come along and they thought the Princess was it.  I also couldn’t have been more thrilled.  They are a great family and I know they adore Lilia and take great care of her.  A meeting was arranged and as soon as she was old enough The Princess became Addie and joined her new family.

I’ve had a few updates and Addie is doing great and Lilia has been a really great big sister.  The two are adorable together.

Here is the Princess when she first arrived.

Growing up…

Here she is now, Addie in her new home, so beautiful!

With big sister Lila, I LOVE this picture of the two of them trotting off together.  I feel so much better knowing my princess girl has Irene to watch over her  (besides her parents of course!)

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