I’d like to introduce you to the newest Safe Hand’s member, a baby girl in need who joined our rescue just last Saturday night. 

I was first introduced to Macy with this heartwrenching photo:

Macy’s story:
Macy was born to a stray dog in Rock Castle, KY – near Harlan.  Her mom got handouts from some neighborhood folks where she primarily lived.  She had babies and soon they were following her around.  One by one the babies disappeared – hit by cars, succumbing to the elements or perhaps to other animals.  In the end it was just Macy and her mom left.  Then a few weeks ago her mom too was hit by a car and killed.  It was just Macy on her own.  I imagine it must have been pretty lonely and pretty scary for her.  A local woman was trying to leave food out for her and keep an eye on her. 

On Tuesday, January 26th this woman came home and saw blood smeared on the street.  When the little black dog didn’t come around any more she became very concerned.  She finally tracked her to a drain pipe where she had crawled in and curled up. The woman could not get her out.  She checked on her every day but Macy would not move.  Finally on Saturday the 30th she got help from a friend and they were able to get Macy out of the drain pipe and into an outdoor dog house on the woman’s porch.  She curled up in the house and would not move.  The woman had no money to take her to the vet and she knew enough to know Macy needed more than she could give her.  She sent out an email plea for help.

The email made it’s way to a group called United Rescues Kentucky (URKY) of which we are a member.  URKY board members were able to get her to a vet in a nearby town.  They started a Chip In to pay for her medical expenses.  She was dehydrated, very thin, in immense pain and very, very afraid.  Radiographs revealed that she has a broken hip.  At this point the surgeon they consulted felt the injury would heal on it’s own with cage rest and that surgery was not recommended as it would be a severe procedure requiring installing a metal plate around the bones..

And this is where we come in.  Macy needs a rescue that give her every chance to heal both physically and emotionally.  She needs to be enveloped by the love of good people who care about her.  URKY has heard great things about our group, about the people that make up our group, about how hardworking and dedicated we are.  They have heard we have big hearts and gentle hands and that we go above and beyond what even we thought was possible to provide care and comfort to the dogs who’s lives we agree to be responsible for.  They would like us to take Macy.  They feel we can give her the best chance to be happy and whole.

Macy is estimated to be around 8 months old, she weighs just 21 pounds.  She is extremely frightened and lies curled up in a ball.  She will not even eat in front of her caregivers.   Right now Macy thinks she is alone in the world.  She does not know how many folks already care a great deal about her.  The folks of URKY are all pulling for her and let me tell you that these are mighty fine folks who work really, really hard to save dogs (& cats!) in Kentucky.  What they see and deal with and what they do on a regular basis has me amazed and in awe.  

And so, with much thanks and gratitude to the “think tank” of folks I consulted about this decision, I agreed to bring Macy into our fold.  Macy needs us.  A wise man told me, this is what we do.  I’m hoping you will join me in finding room in your hearts, minds and busy lives for a scared little back girl who has nothing right now in this really big and terrifying world.  I am hoping you can join me in forming a cocoon of love and safety around her.  She is going to need us all.

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