Sweet baby girl Macy arrived on Saturday night, February 13th.  Getting her here was no small accomplishment and much thanks are due to all the good hearted folks along the way who made time in their lives at the last minute to ensure Macy arrived safe and sound, to URKY for helping her and getting her stable at the vet clinic in KY, all the folks who donated to pay her vet bill there and to Karen H. who’s devotion to Macy and much time, effort and miracle working are the reason she is here now.

Thanks to first time transporter Mick (welcome to the Underhound Railroad!), to Kim and Margie and Judy Walton (yes, one of our Edgerton Angels who once again came to the rescue) and to Safe Hand’s member Tess who drove to WI Dells to bring Macy on the last leg home.

Macy arrived hungry, tired and very shy but overall doing very well.  She was interested in her surroundings and happy to have a meal and some new toys to play with.  This will be a big week with an orthopedic consult and an appointment with the eye doc too.  All this while we get to know Macy and hopefully make her more comfortable too.

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