Macy has made tremendous progress in just a few short days.  My heart feels like it might burst when I watch each baby step forward.  Two nights ago I watched as Macy met Safe Hands member Valerie and made a new friend.  She learned that she likes to have a head and face massage a whole lot.  I could see her visibly relax the tension in her little body as she leaned into Valerie’s hand and softly blinked her eyes.  Then it happened, Macy had a breakthrough, she head butted Valerie’s hand.  Macy asked for more.  Such a small gesture but it means so much.  Macy asked for more!!

Last night I watched Macy play with Safe Hands member Heidi.  Yes, Macy played with her.  She wrapped her front legs around Heidi’s arm, nibbled on her hand and grabbed hold of her sweater – all very gently mind you.  And Macy played, with a person, for the very first time.

Today, Macy is off to the races, she played with me and she played with Vyto.  And tonight she wagged her tail at me.  After we played she took a nap and when she woke up and I was still there with her, she wagged her tail!!  I’m not sure I’ve ever seen anything more beautiful than Macy wagging her tail at that moment!

As I sit with Macy and watch her blossom and grow I can’t help but reflect on the life she previously led and how she ended up here, in Safe Hands now.  I keep thinking of the chance encounters, the connections, all the actions and events that happened in this universe to bring this little black girl dog, born in a small rural area in Kentucky with little hope for a good life, to our rescue halfway across the country.  What is the probability that born into her circumstances, she’d find herself here?

I can’t get Chances out of my head.  I just keep thinking of the chances she had, which in her situation were slim to none.  Macy’s radiographs show her body is full of buckshot, a minimum of 15 pellets throughout her abdomen, hind quarters and back legs.  What are the chances that she would survive being shot at?  Some of her siblings were no doubt less fortunate.  Macy’s mom and siblings died and she was alone in the world at no more than 8 months of age.  What are the chances she could endure on her own?  Macy was hit by a car.  What are the chances she would last, with a broken pelvis more than a few contusions and bruises and a concussion that left her vision compromised, in the cold, on her own?   What are the chances someone would care enough about a little stray dog to find her in a drain pipe and reach out to ask for help.  What are the chances that help would be found?

I don’t know what it was or how the interconnected web of the world works it’s mysterious ways.  I don’t know how or why exactly things worked the way that they did.  I just know that it seems like it has to be more than Chance that saved Macy and brought her here.  Macy has touched many lives already and I think she has more work yet to do.

And so, this Five for Fighting song loops through my head:

Chances are when said and done
Who will be the lucky ones
Who will make it all the way?

Today it is Macy who will make it all the way but I will tell you who are the lucky ones.  We are.  I am.  Those of us who get to spend time with Macy are the truly lucky ones.  Her life has not been easy and yet there is a sweetness and innocence about her.  This little girl who has been kicked even when she was down, is still willing to engage.  Macy is willing to look forward to better days ahead.  She is eager to believe.  She is eager to believe that a warm home, soft beds, exciting and entertaining toys, good food, head massages, ear scratches, soft words and company are hers for good now.  She has had nothing and no one.  She has not known what it is to trust.  And yet she is still willing to learn.  Macy thinks she might be ready to no longer be alone in the big, scary world out there.  Behind those enormous liquid brown eyes, beyond the uncertainty, there is a soul that radiates with a purity and an honesty stripped bare of any preconceived notions or pretensions. 

Chances are all they hope to be….

To be part of Macy’s new beginning, part of the circle that now surrounds her with safe hands and open hearts is an honor and a privilege.  We are the lucky ones.

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