Introducing Wilson and Iris. 

Be careful.  Don’t look too long.  If you do, you’ll fall down deep.

Wilson and Iris want to trust.  They want so much to trust.  Life just hasn’t given them a lot of hope.   Until now.

Wilson and Iris were born into a hoarding situation, too many dogs, not enough room, not enough food to go around, no one to show them love, affection, the warmth of an embrace.  They traded in for a shelter with too many dogs and too few resources, not enough time to go around.  Wilson and Iris were on the fast track to nowhere.  Desperate for attention and affection, too scared to accept it.

When I first met them, I saw in them a hunger.  I saw an overwhelming desire to get past the fear and uncertainty.  I saw their want, their need, to be somebody’s baby.  Sweet Wilson batted his long eyelashes, gathered his courage and gave his best, if somewhat shaky, play bow.  He ran up to me and then away, bashful.  If he thought I wasn’t looking he found enough bravery to quickly put his little paws on my leg before turning to run.  Iris watched, demure, from a distance, her eyes full of questions.  If she caught me watching her she’d wag her tail a little, head down, eyes up.  “You see me, I exist” she seemed to say.

In that moment I realized that these kids had never really mattered.  They did not believe that they could matter. They did not know anyone could care what they did, how they were.  It was heartbreaking to see their desperation for a connection.  In all their fear and uncertainty, they still longed to be reflected back in the eyes of someone else.

So now Wilson and Iris are here.  They have joined the Safe Hands family.  And I know that they will be OK.  I know my family and I know together we will teach these kids to trust, we will show them all that is good and we will build a fortress around them to keep them safe, keep their innocence whole.  We will be the answer to the question I saw in Iris eyes that day.  We will give the cowardly lion back his heart.  We will be the mirror and reflect in shining brilliance just how much Wilson and Iris matter.

Wilson and Iris are going to be OK.  You?  Be careful, if you watch Wilson and Iris too long, you are going to fall down deep.




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Last Modified: October 28, 2013

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