Hailey Sue is doing great!!! I apologize in the delay in updating you. It’s been a busy few days.

Hailey had surgery as scheduled Tuesday am. The surgeon said the procedure went better than he could have even hoped for. She rested through the night and late morning on Wednesday had an echocardiogram to ensure the piece implanted to seal off the extra blood vessel was in place and holding steady. The echo looked great and Hailey was on her way home!

Foster momma Sue reported that Hailey was very happy to see a familiar face and probably happier when she got walked right out the doors of the hospital. It was a joyful reunion with her sister Makayla.

Hailey has about a one inch incision on the inside of one of her back legs. The procedure was done going up through the vein and into the heart. Poor little Hailey can’t seem to leave her stitches alone so soon had to done her “cone of shame” – the E collar. Blue is such a pretty color on her though, don’t you think?

Reports are that Hailey is playing with Makayla and has settled right back in like nothing ever happened. A few days ago Hailey faced a death sentence with months left to live at best. Today she faces a long and promising future full of happiness and love. It is almost impossible to believe.

I don’t know how much Hailey knew about the danger she faced. I know she got tired easier than her sister and I’m sure she knew that too. She slept more. She got wiped out. But I don’t know how much she really comprehended. I can assure you though, that Hailey does know she’s happy to be here. She embraces each day, is excited about so many things, and makes the most of every minute she has.

Hope carried the day. Because we had hope, because you had hope, Hailey has a future.

I cannot thank you enough.

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