It has been almost 3 weeks since I did Henry’s home visit and adoption with his new family. Today I received this update from his mom and wanted to share it:

“Hi Janine,

Thanks for the pictures. We are sending some of our own. We absolutely love this little guy. WE cannot get enough of him. He is with us all the time. Thanks for doing such a great job crate training him, he sleeps through the night and is an angel when he is in there. The potty training is a little challenging but getting better. He is a little dolly and we just love him to bits. Tell your husband we will love and take special care of this little guy, we adore him.

He is much better on the leash and loves to go for walks. He runs in circles around here and keeps our cats on their toes. We weren’t sure how the cranky old cat would be but as it turns out he is just that, old and cranky. He leaves Henry alone and Henry tries to push his buttons but for the most part it is peaceful. We did realize very quickly he doesn’t like to share his toys and often sits with them all around him. He has learned how to pick up more than one at a time and carry them away. We bought him a little bed to sleep in under my desk and he wanted nothing to do with it, he wanted to sleep in the cats big bed, so our big fat cat took over the new bed and now I catch them sharing it. Henry didn’t want it, but he didn’t want the cat to have it either. He is really funny. We will keep sending updates as he gets older. Thanks for bringing him back to health and taking such good care of him, we feel very lucky to have him. Our only fear is that one of our friends or family will kidnap him because he is so cute. Thanks again.

Tara, Jim and Henry”

Fostering is hard. Falling in love with your foster “kids”, bringing them back to health, loving them up like one of your own and then, when it’s time, letting them go. Updates like this are what keep us going when things get difficult. This is why we do what we do. Henry’s story started with being tied in a plastic bag and tossed in the trash like garbage and now he is healthy, happy and has a great family of his own who love him. I miss him terribly and as difficult as it was for me to let him go, I know I made the right decision for him when I read this update.

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