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Thanksgiving True

Less than one month ago I sent an email to our rescue family.  I was taking a leap of faith, again.  We were heading out on a last minute, short notice trip to Harlan.  Without much time to plan I’d had a tough decision to make:  do we jump in full force believing you all had the safety net…or did we concede to fear and not make this trip.  I chose to believe in us as I’ve done so many times in the past.  I have never been let down yet.

I will tell it straight though, there were days I struggled to keep the faith.  Four days before we were to leave we had foster homes for just seven dogs.  How could we possibly go meet so many sweet souls whose lives were in limbo and choose just seven to bring home?  I seriously wondered about the sanity of making this trip.  But I know our rescue family is full of amazing and special folks who pull together at the times when things are the hardest.  We rally.  We support.  We do. We see each other through.  We see the dogs through.  I grasped my faith firmly and not only did we go, but I got on a plane to take a detour to Hazard on the way.

Our visit was revitalizing, rejuvenating and spirit-raising all around.  While the away team was gone, rally you did.   We came home with thirty five eager and joyous dogs and pups who joined Safe Hands that weekend.  Another eleven had confirmed fosters but had to wait a week to join us because there was no more room in the van.  These kids finally get to chase that ball, cover someone with doggie kisses, see those smiles made for them and sleep secure in the knowledge that they are loved…and they are safe now.

A thank you is overdue and today seems like a great day to do it.  You all came through in an amazing, breathtaking, lifesaving, inspiring, heartwarming, fire-igniting, big love kind of way.  Because of you, I have the courage to lead our organization to do that which seems like it can’t be done.  Because of you, I know we can.  Whether you fostered, shared the FB foster needed album or forwarded emails along – because of you we made a difference, and a big one at that.   Just ask True.

This is what it all comes down to though.  Time and time again, because of you, we all together make a huge difference.  What we do matters.  It matters to the dogs we save, the families that love them and the people on the front lines who work so hard to save them.  It matters because our efforts send a strong message to the universe that morality and humanity are alive and well and that these lives, and our lives, matter.  That compassion, charity and goodness are not lost arts.

What I am so thankful for today is this; our Safe Hands family.  It takes each and every one of us doing whatever and all that we can.  Together we are able to guide so many deserving dogs (and sometimes cats too!) to their ultimate possibility, a place called “home”.  As I said just one month ago, we have not been one to stick to the safe paths, the easy routes of the well-known or tested and true.  Together we are able to look fear in the face and say, not today, you will not stop us today.

Our family has also made my family complete.  I would be remiss today if I did not say how thankful I am for my four legged kids.  They bring me more joy and happiness than I ever knew was possible.  I am blessed to share their lives and honored to be the one to provide them with a place called Home.  Without Safe Hands my Moses, Cashew, Kitty and Liam James would not be alive right now.  I know my world is an infinitely better place with them in it.

The words that would fully express my gratitude have no yet been invented.  I hope you can hear it in the sound of my heart.  It’s the closest I can come to the telling.

Big love and the sound of both our hearts from me and from True tonight.

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Last Modified: December 23, 2013

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