A few days before the last transport was to arrive we got a call from the shelter – they’d just gotten in a terrier mix mom and her five pups, all nearly the same size as her at just three months old.  They sent this picture along.

We were able to make arrangements to get them all out of the shelter and into rescue with “mom” and one baby coming to Safe Hands, the rest of the pups to another rescue.  My favorite part of that night’s intake will always be when the foster mom sweetly asked me if I was sure this was the mom of the pups.  “Oh yes,” I assured her, “the shelter called me when they came in and sent the pics along, I know it’s odd that the babies are so big but yep!”.  And then, she flipped Henry over and pointed to distincly male anatomy and asked – “then what’s this?”.

OK, so, that’s one way to stand corrected!  I wonder what poor Henry thought in the kennel run with all those pups in Harlan!  He’s such a good natured guy though I’m guessing he took it all in stride.  He’s super sweet and loving, he loves everyone human and canine.  He is a bundle of sunshine and a true joy.

But Henry had one more surprise in store for us.  Foster mom noticed the first night that he seemed to be limping and one leg seemed slightly smaller, atrophied.  X-rays revealed Henry has a fracture in his hip, the ball of the joint is broken off!  I can’t imagine how much pain our little guy has been in and still to be so happy go lucky.  So tomorrow, Monday, Henry will have FHO surgery.  Lucky Henry has a loving foster home dedicated to helping him recover, heal and regain strength in his leg.  Please send well wishes and healing energy his way! 

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