So these pictures were actually taken one week ago.  Day two, day after Finley’s surgery to drain as much of the infection from his shoulder as possible.  Here Finley is one happy guy because I visited and let him have his cone off while I was there.  He looks strikingly handsome in Momma Heidi’s blue T don’t you think?

Finny was pretty tired and worn out.  In case he wasn’t worn out enough before I got there he and I played a rousing game of “Keep Finley from trying to pull out his drain tube”.  That was exhausting.  He finally fell asleep with his head in my hands.  Unfortunately since I was the only one there (with my hands under Finley’s head remember) I could not get a picture of that.  Not having mastered taking pictures with my feet yet and all….  Here are Finley’s sad eyes though when I had to get ready to go.  Yep, try walking out on that face.  It sucks.  If we didn’t have new kids arriving that day I’d likely still be there now….

And then I really had to go and Finley had to put his broken e collar back on.  Yep, he managed break his e collar within 12 hours.  Momma Heidi had to duct tape this one up so it was even more, um, unique.  We got him a new one.  He beat his own record breaking the new one in less than 8.

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