Things I am thankful for:

My Safe Hands Family – we come from many different walks of life, we have different viewpoints and opinions, different backgrounds, skills, abilities.  We come together united by a purpose.  We stand in solidarity with each other as we fight for those who cannot fight for themselves.  Together what we do makes a difference, one dog at a time, one person or family at a time, one community at a time.

Part of this family is Safe Hands’ foster homes.  Foster families are the lifeblood of our organization.  Without them we can do nothing, save no one.  It is not always easy, yet so many of you do it time and time again so that another sentient being can continue life.  You make changes and concessions in your lives so that another may have a life.  Your magnanimity and compassion are inspiring.



Another part of our family is volunteers who cannot foster but give so much of their time, heart, soul and energy to support those that do and the dogs they care for.  From setting up the Fetch Warehouse for Meet & Greet every two weeks to tearing down crates at every intake to coordinating Meet & Greet and intake prep, photographers who showcase our dogs to folks who answer emails and help integrate new volunteers or fosters, there are so many people who keep this organization going.  These name just a few of the things people do to keep this organization afloat and enable us to continue saving dogs.  Every job is necessary and important, you are all valued, the work you do and the time you give is a true gift. 

We are thankful to our medical team. Dr. Brenteson and the Coon Rapids Animal Hospital.  If you live in or near Coon Rapids I cannot recommend Dr. B enough.  She is my own kids’ vet so I don’t say that lightly!  She is kind, compassionate, thorough and knowledgeable and she is patient with even the most difficult of patients.  Dr. B donates time every two weeks to provide medical care for the dogs currently in our rescue and for the new kids that arrive.  She has been a part of Safe Hands since we first began.  Coon Rapids Animal Hospital and the staff there are always accommodating, welcoming and go above and beyond for us and our charges.  We are grateful.  I am also grateful for ouramazing vet techs, Meggan and Ericka, who have been with us week in and week out for years, ever dedicated to helping our dogs heal and regain their health.

We are thankful for our friends at Fetch Delivers ( who lend us their warehouse space every two weeks to host meet and greet events .  These events help our dogs and their new families find each other.  Fetch Delivers has supported our efforts in many ways behind the scenes for many years and we are grateful.  I am also thankful for the service they offer so I do not have to “fetch” and carry the 6 – 8 bags of dog food we go through every two weeks to feed our kids!

I am thankful for the adoptive families that make “our kids” their kids.  Thank you for loving them, for making them a part of your families, for giving them the love they so righteously deserve.  Thank you for recognizing them for the treasures they are.  Thank you for choosing rescue, for choosing to save a life.  Thank you for sticking by them when the going gets tough as it sometimes does.  Thank you for giving them the guidance, structure, comfort and stability they need and helping them to be the best dogs they can be.


I’m thankful for our shelter partners.  Some of you we have known since our inception and we call you more than friends, we call you family.  Going back to Harlan always feels like going home.  We’ve branched out and made new friends with KRRAS.  We are proud to work with you and stand beside you in the fight to save lives.  While these are our primary partners we have worked through several other shelters and organizations in the past year.  Everywhere we go we meet amazing people with big hearts doing the best they can to change the world for companion animals in need.

I’m thankful for our rescue partners who have supported the work we do to help our two target communities.  There are over 20 shelter and rescue organizations who participate in the bi-weekly transports taking dogs away from a life of uncertainty and giving them a fresh start.  We are, of course, thankful for Starfish Animal Rescue who provides the transportation for these dogs, every two weeks.

I am thankful for everyone who supports Safe Hands.  Whether you make a donation, share our foster needed albums, provide words of encouragement, prayers, positive and healing energy when our kids are down and out…we love and appreciate you all.  I am thankful that there is so much generosity and goodness to be found in humankind.  It counteracts some of the terrible things we see and gives me faith in humanity.

I am thankful for the opportunities I have had to learn and grow.  I am thankful for theknowledge and wisdom gained through each trial and each adversity.  I am grateful for the people that have supported me personally in this endeavor, that have been my teachers and my guides.  Some of you probably have no idea how much you have taught me!

I am grateful for people who forgive my mistakes as I stumble through this life.  At the end of the day, I am human just like everyone else.  I learn some things the hard way.  I am not always the best me I strive to be.  Thank you to those who see what is in my heart and know my intentions are never ill.  Thank you to those who overlook when I am tired, when I’ve had too much pain and am not thinking as clearly as I’d like.  Thank you for standing by me and helping me get back where I need to be.

I am thankful for the miracles we are fortunate enough to experience that ease the heartaches we inevitably also encounter.  Miracles that strength of will, incredible determination, benevolence and generosity, hard work, skilled hands, commitment of time and cutting edge medicine make happen.  And none of that would happen without love. These are the miracles that your love make happen.


Finally, I am so incredibly grateful for my own furry, four legged kids.  I am grateful for the opportunity and privilege to share their beautiful lives.  They make me smile always.  They make me laugh every day.  They are the rhythm to which my heart beats.  With them I have experienced more love than I could ever have imagined possible.

With Big Love and Best Wishes for you and yours today and always,


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Last Modified: January 11, 2015

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