I received this in a very sweet email from a very good friend. This is something she received from Race for the Cure.  She encouraged me to change just one word and told me how much this represents the journey we are on too.

“We’re here to end it, I said & she said, No, we’re here to begin it &
then she turned & opened her arms & everywhere I could see,
there were people, like bright birds, calling with a thousand voices &
suddenly I understood.

Here is where it begins. With all of us, together, giving our
dogs a world worth loving for a lifetime to come.”

And then she said this:

you sent out that email, and we know it’s not pretty down there and we
know it’s really, really bad… but – here is where it begins. With
all of us, together…

Yeah, fine, then I bawled like a baby.  That’s just the sort of week it’s been.  But I cried from a sense of relief and appreciation.  I cannot tell you how amazing it is to be told, “you are not alone” and to have it be so very true.  I’ve heard that more than once this week.  An incredibly kind stranger emailed me and said, “in rescue, you are never alone”.  I’ve heard it from others of you too.  I cannot tell you the awe I feel when I look at the family we’ve grown, what we’ve accomplished and what we will do.  Our people have such big hearts, such a willingness and ability to take action and to work towards change.

Look at Harlan and the results of our efforts there.  I do not think five years ago there would be a hunt for Gabriel’s killer or a large reward.  People had to come together there to take a stand, to say that we can and SHOULD care about animals.  That it is OK and RIGHT to see them as individuals, as lives, worth loving, saving and caring for.  There needed to be a rallying point for the like minded because make no mistake, there have always been great people with big hearts in Harlan.  They needed to see what was possible and they needed to come together.  It’s a continual process, but the tide is turning.

So tonight I am grateful to all who worked so hard to make this rescue happen and to those in our organization and others who will welcome these new kids.  I wait in anxious anticipation to meet our new kids.  I know I will see our family wrap them in their arms, tell them that from now on we will keep the bad things away, that they are in Safe Hands now.

Jericho - one of our late additions...is anyone surprised we have some "extras"? Thank God the vet was at the shelter to do health certs!

Jericho – one of our late additions…is anyone surprised we have some “extras”? Thank God the vet was at the shelter to do health certs!

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Last Modified: October 28, 2013

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