Elijah Eskimo Einstein Ali is growing up.  He has discovered that he likes it outside and thinks he should be an Eskimo.  He has mastered the “sit” for his treats and is doing a pretty decent “watch me” (sans distractions mind you!).  Just today started in on “leave it” and progressed quite quickly for his first lesson.  And every time I walk into the room he is so dang happy to see me he bobs and jabs just like Ali.  So Elijah Eskimo Einstein Ali it is  (Oh and he says his favorite poet is ee cummings so sometimes he likes to be called just “ee”).  And by the way, our little ee, who arrived 1 pound 13 ounces, weighed in at a full and whopping 10 pounds this morning.  He’s pretty darn pleased wih himself don’t you think?
Rahja Mahal Madame Currie Butterball has grown up so much I tease her and ask who she is and what she did with my tiny baby Rahja.  She too has mastered stairs, a mean “sit” and a decent “watch me” (unless the other dogs are around and who can blame her – they are way more fun to watch then me!).  Rahja got off easy today and missed her lesson as apparently distractions get me too!  She is brave, adventurous and really, really wants to play with the big dogs.  Until they come charging at her in the yard to engage her in a game of chase.  She gives a little shriek and runs away until at a “safe” distance she stops and starts sniffing around like, “oh, I meant to just run over here because there is something really interesting, not because I’m still afraid of a dog five times my size charging at me, play or not…really, it’s just so interesting over here”.  She has turned all round and puppy plush with soft, soft fur and a belly of puppy jelly.   She weighed in at 9 pounds 4 ounces this morning.  Elijah is all legs, Rahja is all roundness and full.
The kids got to go for a big adventure today, an outing to the pet store, their first!  They did very well on their leashes and meeting new people.  It was great socialization and I was so proud of them!

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