Day 20!

Puppies were 20 days old on July 26th. They had open eyes although they had that sort of glazed over morning after a long, hard night look. Some of them are standing on wobbly little legs and taking a few wobbly little steps before tottering over. They plop to the ground or slowly tilt over to one side then push up to sitting and look around trying to figure out what just happened. Non-plussed they’ll start all over again. Today was a Very Big Day. Today babies got their first non-mom food. Eleven babies is a lot for Momma Ruby to support and she needs some help. We mixed up puppy formula and some baby rice cereal and introduced it to the babies. We had to put it on our fingers and put it in on their tongues at first but when they got a taste look out! They could quite figure out how to lap it out off the plate but most were frantic to lick it off our fingers. They made a big mess walking through the food dishes, toppling over into them and getting formula all over their faces. I really regret not getting pictures but my hands were full of formula. Momma Ruby was only all too happy to come in and clean off babies after their big adventure. Exhausted from the effort and excitement and will full bellies our babies promptly fell asleep. There is still a lot of eating and sleeping and eating and sleeping.

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