We all know that these are somewhat desperate times. We all know folks who have been laid off or perhaps have been laid off ourselves. The economy is in the proverbial (toilet) tank. And yet I come to you desperate in these desperate times. We need to reach a critical mass.

The dictionary describes critical mass as “The smallest mass of a fissionable material that will sustain a nuclear chain reaction at a constant level” or “The amount of matter needed to generate sufficient gravitational force to halt the current expansion of the universe.” Pretty impressive indeed. The specific critical mass we are looking for is the one that will stop the universe from contracting for one really small puppy named Ditto.

Ditto is just a little dude. A puppy that arrived here one week ago full of life, vim and vigor. His antics as he wrestled with his sister Izzy and brother Doc were fascinating. His jumps, twists, spins and dives in the bed were worthy of Olympic Gold. The mischievous sparkle in his eye, his endearing tilt of the head and his expression that always seemed like a smile had us all entranced. He zoomed around so fast, he never stopped moving, we thought about naming him Speed Racer or Indy 500. He was just 2 pounds 12 ounces but his persona filled the entire room.

But a few days after arrival Ditto stopped eating and was listless. He tested parvo negative and was given fluids and antibiotics and sent home He was under watchful foster care. He maintained but didn’t really improve until Friday when he had a good day, played with the cat, ate on his own. Things seemed to be looking up. And then he crashed. He crashed hard and fast. Foster mom and dad found him at 6 am Saturday all but gone, cold, limp, unresponsive. Their quick actions revived our little dude and soon he was at the emergency clinic.

Critical on it’s own is defined as “being in or verging on a state of crisis or emergency” or “so seriously ill or injured as to be in danger of dying”. There is no other way to say this. Ditto is in a state of emergency and Safe Hands is in a state of crisis. Ditto is in danger of dying. We do not have the money needed to allow Ditto to fight for his life.

Ditto is currently in the hospital. He remains a medical mystery. His bloodwork indicates infection but he does not have parvo and they do not know where. He has developed a severe case of pnemonia. He is on IV fluids, broad spectrum/multiple antibiotics and on oxygen. His foster parents and I have visited him and this is what I can tell you. Ditto does not understand what is going on. But Ditto wants to be well. He wants to come home. He wants to be held and loved. He wants to run and play. He wants to feel good again. You can see it in his face and you can tell by how he tries to snuggle up, rests his head in your hands and seeks comfort and understanding while staring in your eyes. Ditto wants to be well. He needs our help to get him there.

Please help us help Ditto fight for his life.

Right now Safe Hands is Ditto’s family and Safe Hands is every one of us, every one of you. We are all he has. I know what Safe Hands folks are capable of. I know we can move mountains. I know there is room in everyone’s heart for a little dude named Ditto. He is an absolutely amazing little creature absolutely unique in the universe.

One final definition of critical is “urgently needed, absolutely necessary”. If Ditto is going to live donations to support his ongoing medical care are critical. They are urgently needed and absolutely necessary. The doctor told me tonight that we were looking at a minimum bill of $2000. If you can help donations can be made via paypal at our website http://safehandsrescue.org/donate/ and if anyone prefers checks can be made to the hospital directly (please email and I can provide the information).

It is late Sunday night (March 22, 2009) and I will get an update on Ditto in the morning. Please keep him in your thoughts and prayers.

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