Day Six brought a trip to the vet and the A OK for Cordelia to get a bath.  This was a great boon for me, I’m not sure Cordelia felt the same way – at least initially.  I think it had been a v e r y  l o n g time since Cordelia had a bath.  She smelled.  The hair on her feet was yellowed from walking through urine in the pen with all those other dogs.  She had been spayed prior to being released to Safe Hands so I’d had to wait.  But Day 7 was the glorious day!

Yes, those eyes are heartbreaking aren’t they?  My poor little drowned rat girl.  She was a trooper though and took the bath well.  Afterwards wrapped in a blanket she fell asleep on my lap.  And I think when she woke up, even she realized how much better she felt all clean and new!

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