So this is Day Five. (or was last Saturday when I actually started this!)  I know you are looking at the pictures and thinking to yourselves…hmmm….that looks a lot like Day Four and Day Two.  But, I say, you miss one thing – Cordelia has a blanket on!  A small step, yes, perhaps even a teeny tiny one.  But it’s a step and I’ll take it.
Day Five dawned to Cordelia having, well, spewed the entire contents of her dinner (and probably lunch too) all over my kitchen floor.  Besides not being the most welcoming of sites first thing in the am (or any time really) I was pretty worried about our little girl.  She is painfully thin and had not been a great eater since joining us.  But thankfully, it was also See the Vet day for Cordelia.
Baby step one today happened just after Dr. Brenteson finished examining Cordelia.  I knelt on the floor, she was sitting in front of me and pushed out a bit so the good doctor could look her over.  With the offending exam completed – hold breathe – yes, Cordelia nudged herself closer to me and leaned into my lap!  She looked to me for some comfort and I was better than the rest of the Big Scary Things out there!!  
Before we all get too excited, mostly me, it was a temporary and contextual comfort she took.  But again, I’ll take this too.  It’s a step in the right direction.  Cordelia is learning to trust.  She is learning to have a relationship with a human.
So this evening as I was sitting with her and petting her I was worried about her not feeling well, the extreme cold, her frailness, her lack of any body fat whatsoever to keep her warm.  I gently pulled the blanket over her as I had tried to before.  And this time, this time she stayed put and she let me!  Baby step two.
So there you have it – Cordelia’s Day Five.

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