To back up a little before I even begin, Elijah & Rahja actually arrived several weeks ago.  We met the transport and I found the crate that was supposed to have our litter of six pups in it.  I opened it up and began removing puppies but I was only counting five.  I asked the transporter where the sixth puppy was.  But then I saw him, tiny baby boy, Elijah Blue, a tiny, bedraggled, black baby boy puppy.  He huddled at the back, underneath the other puppies, sat on, squashed and very scared.

Elijah arrived at just under 2 pounds.  He wouldn’t eat, he was dehydrated, and every time I went into “his” room in my home he buried his head into his bed.  If he couldn’t see me, then clearly I couldn’t see him either.  He played hard to get.  I was in love.

I have said it before but never underestimate the power of hand feeding.  The next morning Elijah ate some soft food out of my hand and for that day he only ate out of my hand.  Within 24 hours boy baby came running, tail wagging, whenever he saw me.  Elijah has this little bit of white between his nose and mouth on the left side only, it makes him look like he’s always wearing a smile, or a smirk at least.  He is an imp, funny, adorable, and a really great snuggler.  He pounces like a cat, twists his little head to look at me all innocent (even when he’s not), runs like the gangly puppy he is.

After Elijah was doing better sister Rahja joined him and they have been fostered with me ever since.  She is as impossibly beautiful as he is impossibly cute.  She is all fluffy creme caramel colored fur with a slender, dark nose.  Rahja is the kind of adorable usually reserved only for children’s stuffed animals.  She is brave and has helped Elijah be brave too.  She is pouncy and flouncy, a busy little bee with a lot on her agenda each day.  She knows there is a lot of world out there waiting for her and she’s ready for it.

Enter Christmas morning…and as these two are good little boy and girl, Santa left them each a gift.  Their wild abandon and uncontained joy at these fabulous things called presents and wrapping paper was a sight to see.  They jumped and ran and pounced and tore at the paper and generally moved around so much it was hard to get any photos that weren’t a mass of blur.  However, I got this series of shots below that I wanted to share.  Elijah’s first Christmas!

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