October 7, 2006, it was a Sunday, not a Monday, when we returned from Harlan, KY for the very first time.  But by the numbers today is our birthday, the anniversary of our birth.  We are seven years old today.

transport van

Heading home

We had precious cargo in tow, 34 precious lives.  These 34 lives had been scheduled to end and now were just beginning again.  I wish I had the number of amazing faces, radiant and earnest that awaited us when we returned.  The number of those first safe hands welcoming these first Safe Hands’ kids home.

karrie & bowie

karrie & bowie

puppy kayla gets aired off

puppy kayla gets aired off

We had just completed a journey unlike anything we’d ever done before.  The faces that day, as the faces here now, inspired my awe.  We were certainly enlightened on that trip.  We learned so much and we learned how much more we had to learn.

It’s been an amazing seven years.  Two thousand five hundred and thirty nine Safe Hands’ kids would agree.  2539 – the number of dogs taken into Safe Hands for a second chance and a new life.  2539 kids that you, our rescue family, has helped along the way.  Together we have provided an amazing bridge between hopeless and hopeful, between the end and the beginning, between no place to go to belonging to home.  Everyone who’s fostered, helped at intake or Meet & Greet, who’s answered emails, planned events, helped with transport, held fundraisers, forwarded emails, shared FB posts, and given one of “our” kids the ultimate gift – a forever home – every one of you has made this amazing accomplishment possible.

stowaway PJ goes home

Stowaway P.J. goes “home”

Eighty eight is the percent reduction in euthanasia that HCAS has seen as a result of our collective efforts in collaboration with our rescue partners.  We could not have done this without the indomitable Margie S. and Starfish, the group she started first to provide transport and later evolved to a full-fledged rescue.  Together we have grown our rescue partner list to include more than 20 organizations.

Ten thousand – the number of dogs that are alive today because one day two girls saw an email with a dog that was scheduled to die and said “not today”.

Goldberg, the dog and the photo that started it all

Goldberg, the dog and the photo that started it all

The actions that followed set in motion a chain reaction that continues to ripple in ever wider circles.  Ten thousand dogs alive because people saw the need, heard the call to action and moved to heed.    Ten thousand dogs alive today because of the compassion and charity of strangers who would become friends.  More and more people are becoming aware of the plight of companion animals in our society.  More and more people are choosing an adoption option when adding a new furry family member.  More people are aware of the need, are opening their homes and hearts to foster and giving of their time to volunteer so that our canine companions can have a better life.

Please keep spreading the word.  The more people we have in our “Army of Kind” the more kind this world will be.  We CAN make a difference.  We already have.  A deep and heartfelt thanks to all of my rescue family.  Big, big love to you!

Happy Birthday Rescue Baby.

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