I’ll admit it. When I found out Skye’s leg was severed Monday when she was hit by a car and she did not get the help she so desperately needed until Wednesday, I was seriously bummed out. But then I realized that she might have never gotten the help she needed. It took one person to decide to Be Somebody and take the first step to save Skye. I am equally as bummed out to see all the negative comments about how people walked by Skye, the name calling and the judging I’ve read on our FB page and others.

It’s easy to point out how someone “else” should just be “Somebody”. But what would you do? If you like this page you will likely say you would not walk by a dog like Skye. I would hope that’s true. But what do you walk by? What do you hope “somebody” else will do? Where do you choose in your life to be “Somebody”? Whether it’s fostering animals or fostering children, tutoring, mentoring, saving sea turtles or saving the environment. When are you “Somebody”? When aren’t you? And why?

Sometimes people do not know how to be “Somebody”. Sometimes they don’t know what they can do. Sometimes they don’t believe anything they can do will make a difference. Sometimes they don’t even know a difference can be made. People think they are too busy, too powerless, too helpless or too useless.

Last Wednesday someone choose to be “Somebody” for Skye. Last Wednesday “Somebody” saved Skye’s life. Because of Skye’s story there are more people out there who now know that it IS possible, that they CAN make a difference, and yes, that they can be “Somebody” too. You can help by showing other people the way. You can lead by example and show others how to be “Somebody” when you remember your actions speak louder than your words, your example does so much more good than your condemnation.

Tonight I know a rescue family, a foster family and a little dog named Skye who are all very grateful that someone last Wednesday choose to just Be Somebody. Thanks to “Somebody” (or quite a few folks who decided to be“Somebody” actually!) Skye is resting comfortably tonight. She will get good medical care to heal her body and much love to heal her soul.










What will you do to Be Somebody?

A huge shout out to my rescue family and all the happy, smiling faces of a whole lot of “Somebodies” who greeted our arrival and helped with our new kids today. Thanks to our Home Team who put much time and love into preparing for our new kids’ arrival and my fellow Away Teammates for a hard job done well with so much heart.  Thanks V for spending your birthday yesterday working at Safe Hands HQ. Big love to all of you.

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Last Modified: November 20, 2013

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