I’m trying to contain myself and not be overly excited or too optimistic but I am failing miserably. Dr. Melissa just went to visit Angeline in ICU. Our girl pretty muched jumped into her arms, snuggled in, demanded to be stroked and loved up. She’s much peppier and happier and Dr. Melissa is feeling really good about her. It takes about 30 seconds after meeting Angeline to be madly in love with her by the way. She’s a charming, charismatic little character. Our big struggle now is being able to pay to keep her in the ICU a few more days. Angeline thinks she’d like to come home today. We’d like to keep her in the hospital three more days, this would allow her to have two more days of TPN and one day off TPN to be sure she will not only remain stable but continue to improve. If we can find the money to do this though, barring anything unforseen, Angeline will live!! I want to scream it from the mountain tops.

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