I got back about an hour and a half ago with Angeline. She is such a brave little girl. Most of the dogs leaving the ICU are ecstatic to go back to their family and home. Angeline doesn’t have a family or home she knows to go back to. This is why I have visited her at every opportunity, so she has at least something sort of familiar. How scary it must be though to be so small, have fought such an epic battle and have nothing you know in this world. She was pretty happy to leave the hospital in any case. I set her in her bed in the passenger seat. She sniffed the blankets and the stuffed bunny friend I brought with for her. She looked around and decided her best bet was to have a walk about in the car and find something to eat. This was not going to work and she has a strict doctors orders diet to follow so I ended up wrapping her in her blanket and holding her with one arm while driving. I know, real safe right? She was content to look out the window and seemed fascinated at watching the big world go by outside.

When we arrived home it was feeding time. I put Angeline’s bed in the kitchen and set her in it. She ate all her food and promptly nodded her tiny head off to sleep. That’s where she’s been ever since. She is resting contentedly and I can’t stop staring at her. It’s hard to believe that she is here and I want to scoop her up and never put her down but I know she needs to rest. So I sit and watch.

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