We continue to have ups and downs with little Miss Angeline. The good news is that she is alert, active, and has bonded well with both Wendy & Tina. She enjoys checking out her new house and has done well with the cats. The not so great news is that we continue to struggle with her weight. She maintained for a day, then dropped again, despite upping her caloric intake slightly. We solicited a second opinion from an internal medicine specialist and have added Clinicare back into her diet mixing it with her E/N food at each meal. If you’ve followed Safe Hands for a while you will remember Minnie, baby girl, skin and bones, who also spent time in the ICU at the U of M. She was sent home on a diet of E/N and Clinicare and this is what worked for her. We are hopeful it will work with Angeline too and allow her to put some weight back on her tiny frame.

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