This is one of Angeline’s favorite positions to sleep in, legs straight and tucked right up to her body, feet under her head. So funny and so cute.

I am delinquent in filling you in Angeline’s progress. The truth is that Sunday night and Monday I felt like I imagine it is when you bring a newborn home. I couldn’t stop staring at her. I watched her sleep for hours. If I managed to drag myself out of the room I’d be back peeking around the corner minutes later just to be sure she was still there and get a glimpse of her sweet, sweet face. For several hours I laid on the kitchen floor, my head in her bed, Angeline sleeping soundly on my stomach. There was no place I would have rather been. With Angeline’s warm (albiet very scrawny) body resting contentedly, warm, safe, the world seemed like it was OK. We got her in time and we are fortunate that we have a place like the U of M that can provide top of the line lifesaving care. We are also fortunate that we had doctors there who cared about our little orphan girl and who would not give up on her.

Angeline is being fed every four hours round the clock and has an impressive array of medications. Her care schedule is intense with some medications needing to come one hour before a meal, others 1/2 hour before a meal and yet others with a meal. I put everything into an Excel spreadsheet, printed it out, set my phone alarms for each next “event” in our day and crossed each off as we accomplished it. Angeline ate all she was allowed and took her medicines like the little trooper she is.

So my apologies for the delinquency, I was very busy revelling in Angeline!

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