Have you ever seen a face so beautiful?

So Sunday night and all day Monday I revelled in Angeline. I admired her beautiful face and her beautiful and strong spirit. I let her take her time to feel comfortable in her new space and with me. It didn’t take long before she was crawling in my lap and giving more sweet Angeline kisses. Unfortunately since I have a job I need to pay my bills and I was not allowed to bring her with me I had to find someone else to care for her. Her crazy med and feeding schedule requires round the clock care.

Tuesday morning dawned bittersweet. I was over the moon that Angeline was “home”, eating all she was allowed, taking her meds as well as a girl can be expected and overall doing well. But I had to hand her care over to someone else after building a bond of trust. I consider Angeline and Safe Hands very fortunate to have the excellent care of Wendy Vankerhove of Fresh Air Training and her partner Tina in which to place Angeline. Wendy and Tina are dedicated animal lovers with experience dealing with critically ill and injured animals. Wendy re-arranged her dog training schedule to accommodate Angeline’s needs with Tina taking evening shift. Big thank you to both of you for taking on our little girl!

Of course, things rarely go as smooth as one would like and Angeline’s weigh in revealed that she had lost five ounces. I was panic striken. It took 45 minutes to get through to anyone at the U of M and longer to get any answers. They determined that my panic was perhaps a bit misplaced and felt that it was natural since she was off all the feeding tubes and having to digest all her solid food herself now to expect this. It wasn’t an answer I liked but hey, it’s what I got.

So off to Wendy and Tina’s house. Angeline got all tucked in to her new area with her familiar bed and toys and I had to leave Wendy and Angeline to get acquainted. I left my heart on the stairs on the way out.

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