I have not gone to see Angeline yet, leaving soon. But this morning’s report has me all anxious and edgy. She spiked a fever late last night. They took out her central line with delivered the TPN. She was almost done with that anyway and eating well. She is already on several antibiotics. But this morning her fever persists and her stools are looser again. I’m told she is still perky and active but this is not going in the right direction. We were really pushing the envelope keeping Angeline in the ICU this long, only able to do due to a loan that we need to fundraise to pay back. I don’t know what we will do if Angeline’s fever doesn’t go down.

If anyone is reading this and you are praying kind of people, now would be a good time. I’ll take any healing energy, positivity sent to the universe on her behalf, heaing spells or whatever your beliegs are as well.

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