This evening I decided I had to be quick to offer an alternative to Angeline’s flying leap so I knelt down next to her cage and made my lap even with the bottom of it as I opened the door. Angeline could then just walk out onto it. She really didn’t like this idea as much as her own. She wasn’t so sure if she could trust stepping right onto me. Finally she did though and I had the girl out. Her lines were once again all tangled and one of the techs came over to tediously unwind them all. Angeline is a busy girl I guess.

They gave me a tall chair and I sat in it with Angeline. We got to take her cone off for this visit! She was nervous at first as she always is but then settled in and napped contentedly for about an hour or so. She loves one of the techs there who I believe has shown her some special attention. Angeline’s eye follow her everywhere. I am glad to know she’s being loved.

She continues to do well and so far it looks like she can come home tomorrow.

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