Mutual understanding be damned, this morning Angeline took matters into her own hands. Apparently the flying leap thing was working well for her. I opened the cage, she ran to the front in her sort of stumbling gate and launched herself towards me. I caught her and landed her safely in my lap. We have to work on this…

This morning Angeline was not content to sit in my lap and watch the world go by. She was ready to participate. She wanted down and she wanted to go on a walk about in the ICU. Thing is she is not allowed to do that. Our visit started with Angeline trying to find a way out of my lap, me trying to make a fence with my arms to keep her in. Relentless, persistant, Angeline wanted what Angeline wanted. I decided this was not going to do and stood up thinking if I held her she could see more and surely wouldn’t try to jump from that height. She did survey the kingdom she’d been living in for a brief period but then the struggling resumed. So much so that she kept getting her lines tangled and setting off the alarms on her IV monitors.

Too many alarms cut our visit a bit short. I went to put her back in her cage and she craned her body hard against me, craned her neck and face away from the cage, clearly expressing her desire NOT to be put back. Since she more or less owns me this was a problem. Who am I to disobey Angeline? A kind tech seeing our problem brought over Angeline’s meal and she was all too happy to go in her cage to eat. I had to take advantage of the opportunity to leave without her huge, pleading eyes tearing at my heart.

So the morning report was that Angeline continues to feel better and better. No more formed poo but they said that is to be expected. After all she’s been through it will be quite some time before Angeline is anything close to normal.

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