So I don’t know why I can’t get this picture on here horizontally as it should be, it is saved as a .jpg in the correct, horizontal position but no matter what I do this damn blog turns it on it’s side….sigh. So here is a twisty up picture of Angeline at our morning visit. Yes, that is me all gowned up holding her.

Welcome to the world of rescue where happiness is….firm poop. Yep, that’s right, only in the fun and fascinating world of rescue can entire conversations be had and worlds revolve around the consistency of poo. And today, Angeline had formed poop. I was there, the entire ICU cheered!

This morning we decided to stay the course, costs be damned, and keep Angeline on TPN for two more days. Without this she would “potentially” remain stable and be OK. After all we’ve been through “potentially” will not do. So onward and upward (the bill for sure) we go.

The morning’s report brought these Good Things:
Angeline’s total protein’s levels are up
Angeline continues to eat and continues to have to “go” less often indicating that her body is starting to absorb the food she is eating
The salmonella test came back negative
She continues to be more alert, inquistive and active

Four Good Things.

My morning visit was an interesting one. Angeline came to the front of her cage and clearly wanted to be in my lap. She did not, however, want to be picked up to get there. So there we sat, my lap and Angeline so close and yet so far. If I tried to pick her up she got scared and shrieked. The staff said she is deathly afraid of having her little bum touched as it had gotten so red, raw and incredibly painful. Couple that with the fact that so often when she gets picked up it’s for some unpleasant or even painful medical “thing”. So there we sat, her prancing at the cage front, staring at my lap, nosing forward and then shrieking and backing up. A nice thick blanket to the rescue and I was able to wrap her up and scoop her quickly into my lap where she lay contentedly for quite some time. When visiting hours were up and I had to go I tried to put her back in the cage and my poor baby girl turned her head away and pushed back from my arm in clear protest. Break my heart.

I learn things about Angeline every day. The truth is that we don’t really know much about her, what she likes or does not, what her fears or anxieties might be, does she know how to play? We know she gets spooked easily by loud noises or fast movements. We know she likes to be held in someone’s arms or lap but does not like to be picked up to get there. She seems to take great comfort in being held and in particular wrapped in a blanket. She’s curious about the world around her. We know she will give little kisses but it has to be when she’s feeling brave and it has to be on her terms. We don’t know how she’s been treated, if she was mistreated or just neglected (because the neglect is obvious). We do know that we will do everything in our power to show her the good in the world, show her what it is liked to be loved and help her be the happiest and most confident little girl she can be.

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