I have been remiss in my updates today. It is hard to keep the faith sometimes and maintain a positive outlook. The morning report on Angeline was that things remained largely unchanged but the TPN she needed didn’t arrive until early this morning so she was off it for 24 hours. This meant we couldn’t really expect any major improvement. I have no idea if I will spell these things right but they ruled out three more things, giardia, cryptosporosis and histoplasmosis. This leaves salmonella or IBD or “simple” starvation. Or it leaves something even more twisted…

I found out yesterday that Angeline came from a meth house. I called the shelter and asked them to call her previous owners and appeal to any love they had for her and any sense of decency to tell us about her medical history, anything that would help us help her. They denied there was ever anything wrong with the “damn” dog. But then, someone at the shelter overheard the conversation and after some uncomfortable shifting and stammering finally revealed that the couple were known to make, sell (and use) methampetamine. So this brings us to this – did she ingest something used to make the meth? Did they simply not feed her because they are more concerned with other things and she was forgotten?

So it’s just one more piece of the puzzle to her past and it just makes me her seem so much more vulnerable. Has she ever known anyone that loved her?

This evening when I visited she was sleeping and did not get up. I covered her with the blanket I brought and stroked her head. If I stopped stroking she would open her eyes and shoot me an indignant sort of look until I started again and she drifted off to dreamland. The doctor said she was sleeping more today, we don’t know if this is a Good Thing or a not so good thing. Her vitals are still the same, her blood pressure was good today.

We will see what tomorrow morning brings with 24 hours of TPN in her bloodstream and Vivinex in her stomach for the “little gut cells”. Heal little gut cells, heal.

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