Angeline, sweet Angeline, how happy I will be when there are no more blue dots between you and me. Went to see our girl this evening. She was much perkier, jumping up when she saw me, stumbling as fast as she could to the front of her cage and tumbling into my arms. She settled right in, I wrapped her in a soft blanket brought from home, she fell asleep while I stroked her head. About 1/2 hour later she stirred and needed to “go”. I set her in her cage and after she was done she started sniffing about vigorously. I saw a little bit of canned food fallen near her water bowl, scooped it up and she took it lustily. They had offered her some canned food shortly before my arrival and she had taken a few bites. Now though, our girl was ready for some serious eating. She inhaled all they would allow. Go Angeline.

So for those playing at home, that’s three Good Things:
Perkier = a Good Thing
Sleeping soundly (hopefully indicating she is more comfortable) = a Good Thing
Eating vigorously = a Good Thing

The not so good things are that we are still no closer to figuring out how she got to the point she is at and if there is something still wrong other than starvation. Tomorrow am we should have results of three more tests. For tonight pray that her appetite continues and those “little gut cells” continue to mend themselves. Angeline is doing her part, she is holding up her end of the bargain and fighting the good fight. I have to hold up my end of the bargain and be strong for her and work to find the resources to help and give her what she needs to continue. But for right now, I am bleary eyed, my head is foggy, and I must sleep.

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