The good news about Angeline is that she seems to be a little perkier this morning. She was up at the front of her cage when the doctor came and not curled up in the corner. The other good news is that she licked a little food. She didn’t really eat much but it’s good that she is interested in eating food again. The bad news is that she ripped out her central line last night. I guess perkier has it downsides too. The central line delivers the TPN directly to her bloodstream and that is what provides her the nutrients she needs right now. They are trying to put a central line back in but her veins are tiny, her blood pressure is still down, so it’s difficult. Which means the other bad news is that I can’t go visit her this morning. They need to get the line in and they need to work on it now and this is visiting time. For those counting, that’s two more Good Things.

Angeline’s medical bills are astronomical. They will easily approach $5000 by the time she can come home. They are about $3300 as of this morning. We had about $2000 and we raised just over $1000 yesterday. If we are going to be able to keep Angeline in the hospital which is where she needs to be, we need your help. If enough people give even a small amount we can give Angeline her life back. There is a chip-in started, I’ll try to figure out how to get that on our blog and we can take donations at paypal: or by snail mail at: Safe Hands Rescue – P.O. box 19623 – Minneapolis, MN 55419-0623.

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