Pre-Adoption Application

If you plan to attend an event, please bring a completed hard copy of the adoption application to streamline the process or we ask that you fill out another copy. We appreciate it when all human and canine members of the family attend the event to meet the dogs. If you have a resident dog or dogs please bring him/her/them with so they can meet their prospective new canine sibling! We understand that this is not always possible and it is not a requirement but we do give preference to families with all members present. Please understand that we do not adopt on a first come-first served basis. We work very hard to choose the home that is best suited to the dog and family.


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Safe Hands adopts to homes within a 60 mile radius of the Twin Cities
Safe Hands verifies with all landlord's before adopting a pet to their tenants
Please be specific
Please note that Safe Hands does contact vets for references, if applicant is a previous pet owner