Adopting a Cat or Kitten through Safe Hands Rescue

Thank you for your interest in our adoptable kitties. All of our cats and kittens are placed in foster homes unless otherwise noted.  This gives us a much better idea of their personality and temperament.  We do not have a physical shelter.  Please understand that we do not adopt on a first come-first served basis.  We work very hard to choose the home that is best suited to the cat and vice-versa.

Our Adoption Process

Please note that we only adopt to homes within 60 miles of the Twin Cities.

  1. Our pre-adoption applicationmust be filled out by the prospective family and returned to Safe Hands.  You will notice that this is geared towards dogs at this time.  Please fill it out with a cat in mind!
  2. The application is reviewed by Safe Hands and follow-up questions may be asked.
  3. If the home is a good fit for the cat/kitten we will schedule a meeting between the cat/kitten and prospective adoptive family at the foster home. Because of the sensitive nature of cat/kittens, potential adoptees must meet the cat/kitten in the foster home.
  4. If after the initial visit all parties agree that there is a good match between the cat/kitten and family a home visit is scheduled.  We require that all members of the household present at the initial visit.
  5. The adoption is finalized at the time of the home visit provided the home visit is satisfactory.

Adoption fees range from $125 to $165 (fee includes tax) and pay for medical services and other expenses involved in saving the cat/kitten.  These include but are not limited to vet exam, deworming, flea treatment, any vaccinations given, the spay or neuter and any additional treatment necessary, transportation expenses, food, toys.  Adoption fees often do not cover all expenses!

We reserve the right to make follow up calls and/or visits to be sure that the transition of the new pet is going along smoothly.  We encourage new families to stay in touch and ask questions if they arise. Safe Hands is always here to help whenever it is needed.

Safe Hands reserves the right to refuse any applicant we do not feel is appropriate.  We want happy pets and happy adopters!