A moment changes everything

I heard this song on the radio and it struck me, how true those words are. A moment can change everything, the entire course of a life.

I picture in my head that moment the device was snugged into place in Hailey’s heart and I picture the chorus to this song blasting in the operation room – A Moment Changes Everything. I picture them cheering, high fives all around. You would have heard my screams a mile away if I had been there. That moment, that one moment changed Hailey’s life. That moment gave Hailey life. A moment changes everything.

I think a lot about Macy. I think how that moment she was hit by a car, that moment, horrific and violent, changed everything for her.  That moment set in motion a chain reaction.  Macy was a homeless pup, born to a homeless momma, running the streets and trying to survive.  Macy was a fearful girl, who did not know safety or security, just trying to survive.  Macy is a joy to behold.  Macy’s smile lights up the world and she greets each day with a heart wide open.  A moment changes everything.

Clementine was terrified in the shelter, drooling in the corner. Initially she was deemed a lost cause. I walked in her kennel run, crouched down, she climbed in my lap and laid her head on my shoulder. A moment changes everything.

Griffen and his littermate were brought out to a backwoods mountain road to be shot and killed. The bullet went through Griffen’s shoulders and missed his heart. A moment changes everything.

Roger, sweet Roger, with his seizures and diminished mental capacity and giant heart full of love arrived in Safe Hands and had nowhere to go. His foster home bailed when his condition was discovered. A phone call, Tris says yes to Roger. A moment changes everything.

Grayson crawled in Stephanie’s lap. Heratio reached out of his kennel, tapped Janine on the shoulder and looked in her eyes. Sammy would not take a treat but melted his giant frame right into me.
Winnie licked canned food from Janine’s hand. A big yellow dog lay down in the Walmart parking lot as the Safe Hands crew arrives. A little pup named Aggie arrives at the shelter just as the transport is leaving.
Tracy & Bert say yes to Smushy Face aka Marnie. The Stano’s email – they can foster Benjamin. The vet in Bell County says please take Moxie and onto Janine’s lap she goes. A dad, his son in tow, drops Ella at the shelter on the day we leave.

Happenstance, circumstance, kismet, serendipity, generosity, family, hearts wide open.  These are moments that changed everything.  These are moments that changed lives. 

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