I would have updated you yesterday but I was very busy with an Angeline in my arms!  Angeline is back at my house and she is pretty sure she was made to be held, oftentimes wrapped up in a blanket.  I am pretty sure she is right.  Of course, it’s really hard to get anything else done though.
Angeline spent the last week and a half being tended to and cared for round the clock by Wendy & Tina.  Slowly she put on weight and regained her energy.  She began to be curious about her surroundings and to interact more with the outer world.  Last Thursday she had an appointment with Dr. Baho, her new doctor, an Internal Medicine Specialist.  She has gained well over a pound and is currently 5 lbs 12 ounces – way to go Wendy & Tina!  We owe them big thanks, her feeding and medicating schedule was insane with something going into her at least every few hours. 
Angeline’s ultrasound showed some improvements in her tummy but also a thickened abdominal wall.  However, Dr. Baho said that with what she’s gone through that is not unexpected.  Her bloodwork was excellent except she still has elevated white blood cells, also not unexpected or really unusual though.  We are switching some of her meds around to see if we can improve her stool and stop the straining she does to go.  (yes, again, it is all about the poop).  She’ll go back for a few more tests to be sure the new medicine regime is not causing trouble with kidneys or liver.  So onward and upward we trudge.
Meanwhile, she has become quite the snuggle bunny.  I think she is making up for lost time.  I imagine that she thinks, “now THIS is what I am talking about, THIS is what I held on for.”  I confess to holding her while she sleeps and staring at her in amazement.  I can’t believe she is really here, that she survived.  Dr. Baho said she is one lucky girl, very lucky to be alive and very lucky to have come into Safe Hands.  I think we are lucky too.  She is a beautiful little miracle inside and out.
She still hardly makes a peep.  She prefers to be held and sleep on a warm body but she’ll stay in her bed if I’m busy.  She is timid around my dogs and will avoid them unless cornered.  Then she will raise a lip but she has not done anything more than that.  She watches them play and her head cocks from side to side.  I wonder if she has played with other dogs, if she knows what that is.  Is she conjuring up memories of a time that was her or does she wonder what on earth they are doing?  After watching them play on Thursday night she play bowed at my (while standing on my belly) and then gave a little play bark and (very gently) bit at my nose.  She continued to play with me!  She has done this on several occasions now.  She pokes at my with her nose, dodges in and out, likes it if I try to touch her feet or face while she dodges out of the way while she play bows away.  Then she’ll lick my face and  I swear if a dog could laugh that’s what she’s doing.  It feels really good to see her this way.

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