Sasha update!  You did it!!  She did it!!  Thanks to everyone who donated for sweet Sasha.  She had her surgery and it went the best it possibly could.  It does appear to have been a congenital defect which was good - it meant no adhesions and her inner parts could be put where they belong and the hernia repaired.  Shes not completely out of the woods but things are looking good.  We need her organs to all feel...happy in their rightful place now!  Please keep her in your thoughts and prayers as she recovers.

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Mary Sue HannanWhat a beautiful dog!

1 hour ago

Linda JeanVery pretty dog!

1 hour ago

Heidi McColeShe is soooooo sweet. Hang in the Sasha girl!

1 hour ago

Dawn Root<3

1 hour ago

Kari LotsbergYay baby girl!! ❤️❤️

1 hour ago

Brenda VerhaaghI'm so happy to hear this. Feeling hopeful, after all she has Safe Hands behind her all the way.😘

1 hour ago

Tom Carroll EastridgeYay!

40 minutes ago

Deb ZiemanShe sure is beautiful!

33 minutes ago

Pam Neelan Weeks❤❤❤

27 minutes ago

Erin McMullenBeautiful girl!

26 minutes ago

Pam Neelan WeeksJust precious!

23 minutes ago

Liz HinzSweet sweet girl, heal well ❤️🐶🐾

23 minutes ago

Krissy Roberts MuellerPraying for the BEST for Sasha! Keeping her in my thoughts and prayers:) Be strong sweet girl!

19 minutes ago

Stacy JohnsonMade my day!! 🙂

18 minutes ago

NancyLee DavenportShe is so beautiful on the outside; glad her insides are looking good now, too ❤️🐕❤️

16 minutes ago

Shawn BrumbaughGreat news!

12 minutes ago

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