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An Oscar Valentines update sure to make you smile!


What a difference a day makes! Actually 10 days.

At Oscar’s last check-up appointment 10 days after his surgery, Dr. Anderson wanted to check the alignment of the plate but also to see how the new bone graft was doing.

If you remember, when Oscar’s external fixture became unstable the bone growth in the gap had also stopped. So when the plate was placed along his femur, a small bone graft from his hip mixed with some BMP (I call it a Beautiful Magical Potion) was placed in the gap to “jump start” the bone growth again.

Well, you can see the results yourself. The first X-ray is immediately after surgery and you can see that where the staples are it is dark – the absence of bone growth.


In the next X-ray (10 days later) the staples were removed and along that same side of the plate you can see all that grey haze – that is bone fluff! That is bone filling in the gap! This is very good news, we just have to stay the course and hope that Oscar doesn’t get any infections while healing. Paws crossed – hope the best for our boy.