The Sassy 7 have had a busy week of drinking bottles, sporting milk mustaches, discovering toys & Huck, sleeping...lots of sleeping and growing.  They are adorable, sweet and almost four weeks old!

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Deborah KimblerHow is huck not adopted yet? He is do awesome and look how he is doing with the babies. That is one amazing fur baby that huck!

6 hours ago

Samantha KrebsWhat mixes of breeds are they?

6 hours ago

Tess KeenOh my gosh! Chubby puppies with tiny little paws. 😍

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These kids have all found themselves on the wrong side of the bars in high intake, low adoption shelters.  They are eager to start a new life as a loved family member.  They need a foster home to be their bridge to HOME!  If you can help please email us at  Please help spread the word!  If you cant foster you might consider sponsoring one of them to get here too!

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Leah Prosek SchwietersOh that face !!! Is that a golden retriever ?

16 hours ago

Annie RumleyDonated. Please put to any of the pups.

15 hours ago

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The FREEDOM TRAIN arrived from Kentucky last Saturday where all of these kids were showered with love! Everybody on board received a Golden Ticket because of you! Thank you to all of the superheros who provided a Golden Tickets and all of the foster families for providing a temporary, safe place to land. You all are true life-savers!

Facebook is a little wonky. If you want to see all of them, please be sure to click on the title of the album at the top of this post and not directly onto one of the pictures.

Please help bring a sunny future to more deserving pups. Saturday, April 29th another FREEDOM TRAIN arrives from Kentucky. Providing each of them a Golden Ticket AND a foster home will allow them to ride the FREEDOM TRAIN to Safe Hands. There is no shortage of furbulous, dogs and puppies waiting for their ticket home. Will you save a life? 

If you would like to provide a life saving Golden Ticket to a very deserving pup(s), please visit our website here for details about the Golden Ticket Program:  

Want to save a life by providing a temporary home? We really need foster homes too! Please complete a foster application and someone will get back to you to discuss our foster program and if its a fit for you: 

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Bette WestmanTom, they're now MN pups.

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Jill Morrison MortensonAll so cute wish I could have them all! They deserve a great life from now on!

3 days ago

Michelle FunfarBrenda Janni

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