Happy National Puppy Day! Just the day to post a preview of our Mini Meet & Greet being held this Saturday, March 25, from 3-5 pm at Adopt-A-Pet Shop located at 1115 Vicksburg Ln N, Plymouth 55447. Everybody pictured is scheduled to attend. Please help these kids find the love of their lives by helping to spread the word!  

See all of our adoptable dogs & puppies here, even those not scheduled to attend this event: http://www.safehandsrescue.org/adopt/adoptable-pets/
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Update:  Unfortunately we found out we will only be able to bring one of the dogs back tomorrow.  Gus will be joining us.  If you know anyone flying back from Cancun that would be willing bring Ella and her friend Gina (not posted yet) back please let us know!

We have a rare opportunity to bring two bigger dogs here from our Mexican partner Isla Animals. The catch? They would arrive tomorrow at 9 pm and need foster homes that could take them tomorrow evening.

The tri color cutie is Ella. Ella is a bit shy...she does really well with other dogs and takes a bit longer to warm up to people but once she does it is worth the wait. She loves other dogs and needs a dog in her foster and forever home to bond with, help her feel safe and show her the ropes. She is a about 10 mos old and weighs about 35-40 lbs.

The handsome black boy is Gus. He is a sweet boy who just wants to play and then collapse in a pile. He is always happy and learns quickly. He plays with all dogs and greets all dogs and people with a smile. Hes just a big puppy ready to learn. Gus is about 10 mos old and weighs about 50 lbs.

Both Ella and Gus have been waiting FIVE MONTHS at Isla Animals for their chance to get a real family!!

Young scruffy Atticus could also make the trip tomorrow...or he could come next week on Thursday. Hes about 4 mos and 10 lbs. Are there any foster homes that can be a hero to a dog in need?

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Linda JeanOMG..Atticus is such a cutie!!!

16 hours ago

Rende Rescue SuitePlease someone, please.

16 hours ago

Megan NesiusI could take Ella.

12 hours ago

Natasha PraughtWe could take Scruffy if someone else doesn't. I haven't been a foster before but we have a 9 year old dog who loves small dogs and we want to help if we can ( we are both away at work during the day so I'm not sure if that eliminates us as potential fosters?)

10 hours ago

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Its National Puppy Day!  Jackson, Jaden, Josie and Jory got a bright and early start to their day at WCCO this morning.  http://minnesota.cbslocal.com/video/3640130-its-national-puppy-day/  Celebrate with us, show us your puppies...big or small, young or old (they were all puppies once)!

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Lynne BengtsonMy girl Kitty is super excited about National Puppy Day!

Attachment18 hours ago   ·  4

Lynne BengtsonLiam is far too dignified and regal to get excited.

Attachment18 hours ago   ·  4

Jody KarowMadly in love with my Safe Hands girl! <3

Attachment18 hours ago   ·  5

Katie JorgensonKam makes kitty Libby feel so safe and loved ❤

Attachment18 hours ago   ·  6

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Kelly FedtWally my rescue and Toby my son's doodle puppy think everyday is puppy day.

Attachment18 hours ago   ·  3

Kalie McDonaldThis is Avery and Jango!

Attachment18 hours ago   ·  4

Elizabeth Klas PolomeShopping for toys with Pomeranians Ruby & Roxy & Westie mix rescue Riley. ❤

Attachment18 hours ago   ·  3

Kate ElizabethLola!

Attachment17 hours ago   ·  4

Lucia WanglerTallulah, best Foster helper ever.

Attachment17 hours ago   ·  6

Allie RashI can't believe my human didn't take the day off work to spend giving me belly rubs all day. He owes me!

17 hours ago   ·  1

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Debra NugentThis is our precious little girl Tiffany. She is 14 years old, but will always be a puppy to us!

Attachment17 hours ago   ·  2

Rachel StollMickey! Loving him more and more each day 🐶

Attachment17 hours ago   ·  5

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Suzanne GrindleSafe Hands foster Chloe.

Attachment17 hours ago   ·  2

Sam LeeHere's Miles! He just turned 5 last week!

Attachment16 hours ago   ·  3

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Jane Theobald AlbertBear (formally known as Darwin) is 8 months and growing very fast (over 80 lbs) but still acts like the puppy he is. Thanks for the great addition to our family Safe Hands 🐻🐻🐶🐶❤❤😍😍

Attachment16 hours ago   ·  2

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Deb ZiemanSo awesome!!! Nice job ladies!!!

16 hours ago   ·  1

Susie MarieBentley Bleu!

Attachment14 hours ago   ·  1

Susan TimmermanGreat job, ladies!

7 hours ago

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